A Mother’s Cry International, Inc.


Dr. Ann Decoteau

Ann DeCoteau is a prominent minister and community leader in Charlotte, North Carolina and New York, and Founder of From Prison to Potential, A Mother’s Cry International, Inc., and Kyle DeCoteau Foundation. Ann’s vision reaches across cultural and racial barriers to train youth and adults in new levels of education, business, and community workshops and leadership training.

Ann DeCoteau served 10 years in the United States Army as an E5 Sergeant and has received many awards and certificates, specifically a certificate in Human Behavior Consulting and Leadership from Actor Danny Glover & Caricom Corporation. Ann’s life experience, whether positive or negative, has given her a passion to serve others and help improve the quality of their lives.

Apostle Dr. Ann DeCoteau received numerous awards throughout the years. She received an Honorary Degree of Doctor of Humanity (Glad Tidings Ministry Institute, Inc.); Citation from the President of Brooklyn (City of New York); Certificate of Modeling (Barbizon School; Certificate of Accomplishment for Basic Income Tax Preparation (H&R Block); Certificate of Appointment in Evangelist (Valor Ministries Worldwide); Certificate of Excellence in Human Behavior Consultant (Uniquely You Training In Human Science); Certificate of Achievement in Advocacy Academy Basic Training (Faith Based Initiatives).