A Mother’s Cry International, Inc.

About A Mother’s Cry

“As a mother of a son, who was murdered, my cry extends beyond myself and I realize that the double-edged sword of violence affects the mother of the murderer as well. Both mothers suffer, whether their loss is from death or prison, I believe that now is the time to unite as mothers and pray for our children-especially our males who fall prey to the life of the streets.”

A Mother’s Cry will be a journey through the lives of many different individuals who face triumphs and tragedies. Through everyday challenges of growing up in this generation, as well as, witnessing how times have changed, their faith in God is tough and hope seems to be on its last drop. We will embark on this adventure with each individual through real life situations and experiences.

Our Mission

To address the plague of violence that affects the youths and families nationally and internationally.

To create opportunities as well as an atmosphere of love to redirect youth from the street and gang life and hope for the foreseeable future.

Why We Pray?

We pray for our Youth, the Family, the Community, the Church, Schools, Prisons, Businesses, and government, to bring awareness and change, and empower families.